Amazon Tecno Pova 6 Pro 5G Quiz

Amazon Tecno Pova 6 Pro 5G Quiz Answers

Q1 What is the thickness of the Tecno Pova 6, known for having India’s thinnest 6000 mAh battery?

Answer 7.88 mm

Q2 How many Mini-LEDs are incorporated into Tecno Pova 6’s ARC interface?

Answer 210 Mini-LEDs

Q3 The Tecno Pova 6 features a Super Endurance Mode. Approximately how long can you continue to make calls on the device when it’s down to just 1% battery?

Answer 20 minutes

Q4 For how many years can the Tecno Pova 6 maintain over 80% battery health while enduring 1600+ charges?

Answer 6 years

Q5 What advanced audio technology does the Tecno Pova 6 feature, making it TECNO’s first smartphone to offer an immersive sound experience?

Answer Dolby Atmos

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